Partial list of previous meeting topics

To give you an idea of the sort of things we cover, here are the topics from recent(!) meetings..

DecemberQuestions and Answers
NovemberKeepass Password Management and other security measures
OctoberGoogle Docs
SeptemberSpreadsheets, LibreOffice Calc, Excel etc.
AugustQ&A, Email Setup if time available
JulyLibre Office Writer
JuneAlexa etc. Digital Assistants/ LibreOffice Writer
MayWindows and Apple Tools and Utilities
AprilQuestions and Answers, via video link
MarchDisk management programmes and other Utilities. A general discussion
FebruaryA Topic for the Experts
JanuarySkype and alternatives
DecemberQuestions and Answers
NovemberSmartphones & Tablets forum Q&A
OctoberKeeping your Computer Secure
SeptemberDefending a Windows PC against slow down and premature obsolescence.
AugustQuestions and Answers & Electricty Smart Meters
JulyLinux Desktop and Chromebooks
JuneCloud Storage, choosing one and setting it up.
MayChoosing between an Apple or a Windows PC
AprilQuestions and Answers
MarchPhoto Management and Filing
FebruaryMusings from the Past, Modern Computing Landmarks
JanuaryLibre Office the free alternative to Microsoft Office
DecemberQuestions and Answers
NovemberSmartphones & Tablets forum Q&A
OctoberAlexa etc. Digital Assistants
SeptemberKeeping your Computer Secure
AugustQuestions and Answers and Keyboard Shortcuts
JulyRoute planning, Share my position. Holiday snaps collating and saving
JuneHow the Internet Works
MayVirtual machines
AprilQ & A followed by Libra Office Forum, Templates Q&A etc
MarchThe Cloud
FebruaryBackup Programmes, Policies & Restoring a computer from TimeMachine and Windows Backups
JanuaryEmail Setup: POP and IMAP
DecemberQuestions and Answers
NovemberKeeping Your Computer Secure
OctoberGoogle Docs
AugustQuestions and Answers
JuneApple Mac an introduction
MayKeepass Password Management and other security measures
AprilQuestions and Answers
MarchCreating a Website, using free software
FebruaryLibre Office the free alternative to Microsoft Office
DecemberQuestion and Answer Session
OctoberAGM + Discussion of the future of the club
SeptemberMusings from the past: Landmarks in the development of modern computing
AugustFixing Windows 10 login problems / 1939 Register, Ride / Route planning tools
JulySychronising and the Cloud
June Using Photoshop Elements
MayReviewing Windows 10
AprilViewing and sending documents (.docx, .pdf, etc)
MarchExtending Networks
FebruaryVulnerability: how to keep your computer safe
JanuaryOpen Office Databases: Part 2
DecemberQuestion and Answer Session
NovemberWindows 10 - a further look
OctoberSmart TVs - What do they do?
SeptemberDatabases: MySql and LibreOffice Base
AugustManaging your passwords with Keepass, and other security measures
JulyKeeping Your Computer Secure
JuneTools for Collaboration and Communication
MayEmail Setup: POP and IMAP
AprilWindows 10: a first look
MarchAlternatives to Skype
FebruaryLibre Office / Toolbar Configuration
JanuaryResearching your Family History
DecemberQuestion and Answer Session
NovemberPicture and File Transfer between Devices
OctoberFamily History
SeptemberVideo Editing
AugustTablet Computers
JulyServer-side websites
JuneLinux update- Ubuntu and essential apps
MayRaspberry Pi Robot- avoiding bonfires!
AprilHow to stay safe if you're still using XP
MarchIntelligent Web Searching techniques
FebruarySecuring your PC
JanuaryInvestigating HTML and XML
DecemberQuestions and Answers
NovemberSmartphones- iPhone and Android- bring your questions along!
OctoberVirtual Machines
AugustAfraid of Facebook?
JulyBuilding a Robot with Raspberry Pi
MayRaspberry Pi
AprilPC Tune-up Tools
MarchDemystifying Java and Java script
FebruaryPartitioning your hard drive
JanuaryTCP/IP How the internet works
DecemberQuestion and answer
OctoberAGM + Sharing Data via Cloud Services: PCs, MACs and Phones
SeptemberDiscovering Windows 8
AugustGenealogy Find out how to research your family history
JulyQuestion and answer
JuneHelp a Friend: Newbies very welcome, bring a laptop
MayLibre Office Databases
AprilManaging the Password Nightmare
MarchConverting Vinyl to Digital
FebruaryGenealogy (failed to turn up - impromptu meeting)
JanuaryLibre Office styles and templates
DecemberQuestions and Answers
NovemberSelecting an ISP
OctoberAGM + Remote Control of your PC
SeptemberGenealogy (failed to turn up - impromptu meeting)
AugustOpen Office: the alternative to Microsoft
JulyRestore / Touch up Pbotos
JuneUpkeep and Tuning your PC
MayBuying and Selling on eBay
AprilInvestigating Windows 7
MarchiPhone Apps
FebruaryWindows 7 for Media
JanuaryExploring Different Browsers
DecemberQuestions and Answers
NovemberBroadband Investigated
SeptemberSetting up a new computer
Augustusing i-phones
FebruaryHow Computers Work
DecemberQuestions and Answers
NovemberApple Mac: an Introduction for PC Users
OctoberAGM + Networking and File Sharing
SeptemberKeeping IT Clean: (Keep your PC unchoked)
AugustNifty Gadgets
JulyOpen Office: the alternative to Microsoft
JuneBackup in all its ramifications
MayProtect your computer (Learn about Anti-virus protection, Firewalls etc.
AprilFrom Quill Pens to Computer Printing: (from far back in time to the present)
DecemberQuestions and Answers
NovemberCreating a Website, using free software (Kompozer)
OctoberAGM + Remote control of computers
SeptemberLAN Backup;
AugustImproving Windows Performance
JulyExploring the Apple Mac
JuneVista explained, given by a representative from Microsoft
MayWeb 2.0: Using Search Engines
AprilMind mapping
MarchManaging Your Folders, Files and photographs.
FebruaryVMWARE Virtual Machines
DecemberQuestions and Answers
NovemberOpen Office - Presentation
OctoberAGM + Graphics Tablet
SeptemberMicrosoft Word Processing
AugustOpen Office
JulyLinux Operating System
JuneOpen Questions
MayPhotography for the Web
AprilMicrosoft Visio
MarchCreating a Website
FebruaryWireless Networking
JanuaryHow to Back-up Your Data
DecemberQuestions and Answers
NovemberAGM + Introduction to telephone on the Internet
OctoberInternet Security
SeptemberPictures to DVD ????
AugustScanning 35mm Slides
JulyOpen Question Evening
JuneSafe Surfing
AprilNortons Ghost
MarchGenealogical Update
FebruaryUser Accounts
JanuaryPictures via the Internet
DecemberQuestions and Answers
NovemberHow the Internet works
OctoberAGM + Powerpoint
SeptemberFile and Desktop Management
AugustMacros with Microsoft Word
JulyQuestion Time
JuneKnoppix (Bootable Linux CD)
MayPhilosophy of the Web
AprilAudio/Visual Presentation
FebruaryAdware and Spyware
JanuaryBackup Devices
DecemberQuestions and Answers
NovemberXML - Communicating on the Web
OctoberAGM + Video Editing
SeptemberWeb databases
AugustCreating a simple website with HTML
JulyQuestions and Answers
JuneWireless Networking
MayWriting for the Web
AprilAdobe programs
MarchInternet Security
FebruarySoftware Maintenance
JanuaryVinyl Records to CD
DecemberQuestion Time
NovemberDisaster Recovery
OctoberAGM + Configuring Outlook Express
SeptemberLinux - The alternative operating system
AugustExcel Macros
JulyPhotoshop 7
JuneUsing Microsoft Project
AprilIntroduction to Windows XP
FebruaryWeb Design
JanuaryInvestigating Freeware
DecemberQuestion Time
NovemberSpecifying a Computer
OctoberAGM - Adobe Acrobat
SeptemberVisio 2000
MayNetworking re-visited
AprilSimple Networking in the Home
FebruaryInternet Addressing and Protocol
JanuaryWindows XP
DecemberQuestion Time
NovemberMulti Media Workshop
OctoberAGM - Norton Systems Works
SeptemberRemote User - PC Anywhere
AugustEmbroidery by PC
JulyInternet Workshop
JuneOpen Forum
MayDocumentation System
AprilOpen Forum
MarchComputer housekeeping with Norton SystemWorks
FebruaryMacros with Microsoft Programs
JanuaryDesigning a simple web site
DecemberQuestion Time
NovemberImprove your scanning
OctoberAGM + Access - The friendly database
SeptemberSearch Engines
AugustMusic and Midi
JulyLinux - The alternative operating system
JuneAdobe Acrobat - those .pdf files
MayPaint Shop Pro 6 - editing bitmap graphics
AprilThe Art of Scanning
MarchComputer housekeeping - maintaining peak efficiency
FebruaryGenealogical Databases
JanuaryInternet Jargon - what does it mean?
DecemberQuestion Time
NovemberMicrosoft Publisher 98
OctoberAGM + Visio (Technical Drawing)
SeptemberMake your own CD
AugustMicrosoft Powerpoint
JulyOptical Character Recognition
JuneDelphi ( a Windows Development Tool )
MayBeating Microsoft's paperclip
AprilSimple Networking
MarchComputer Architecture
FebruaryACCESS - The friendly database
JanuaryVoice Recognition
DecemberQuestion Time
NovemberPaint Shop Pro 5 - Digital Image Enhancement
OctoberAGM + Business on the Internet
SeptemberBuilding a ComputerComputer Workbench
AugustImportance of Computer Acronyms
JulyInto the Internet
JuneDigital Imaging
MayTV and Teletext on a PC
AprilBuild your own computer
MarchModems and related things
FebruaryEmbroidery by PC
JanuaryData Loggers
DecemberQuestion Time
NovemberVisual Basic 5
OctoberAGM + Microsoft Office 97
SeptemberDesigning a Web Page
AugustIntro to MS Macros
JulyCD ROM Writers
JuneVideo Editing
MayNT Operating System
AprilKeep your secrets safe
MarchFamily History
FebruaryNew Pictures from Old
JanuarySetting up a Website
DecemberComputer Games
NovemberRemote User Support
OctoberAGM + Scanners and OCR
SeptemberTechnical Questions Panel
AugustBack-up devices
OctoberPageMaker (version 5)
AugustWord for Windows (Version 6)
JulyModems (and Fax modems)
JuneBuilding a Computer
AprilExcel V5
MarchInternet by Demon
JanuaryWarp (OS/2v3) by IBM
DecemberElectronic Mail
NovemberPesentation by Nextbase
OctoberVirtual Reality
SeptemberSage Accounts
AugustNeural Spreadsheets
JulyProject Management
JunePC Networks
MayIomega Storage
AprilCASE and Structured Programming
MarchOS/2 by IBM
FebruaryWindows NT
JanuaryMapbase (from Autoroute)
DecemberInside your PC
NovemberProgramming in 'C'
OctoberAGM + Voice Input to Wordperfect
AugustIMPROV from Lotus
JuneQ-Basic for beginners
AprilAccess (Microsoft dbms)