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2020 Dec 24 - Web site update has begun!

I have started making changes to the club web site which I hope will make the our site more appealing and useful. Please let me know if you identify any issues, or have any suggestions, using the following email address: gxcc-webmaster@soroban.co.uk.

Initially these changes will tidy up the existing material and you should see little change to the content. There are already some changes to the appearance and layout, hopefully it is an improvement! Future changes will be more visible.

2021 Jan 24 - New Website is available in a preview state


Click here for a preview

Please note that the structure is open for comment - please come back to me with any suggestions

The wording on the narrative pages is open to review and may be radically changed.

The important change to be made is to separate out the Contacts email addresses into a separate page so I can obfuscate them to avoid them being used for unwanted marketing (this has been happening) and for the addreess being used as a fake email source for more malicious emails (this has also happened). We have recently changed the published contact email address to provide temporary relief but I intend to implement a method of allowing emails to be used by you as normal links without them ever appearing in the publically accessible pages.

Yes this can be done. It does make it much easier to implement if all of the email addresses used are located in a single page.

I can add easily additional buttons to the menu and am experimenting with a sub menu scheme to make the site easier to navigate.