Firewall Notes - GXCC - 9 May 2002

Firewall Information

Newsgroup -

News group where any firewall questions may be asked, even from novices.

Covers personal firewall issues as well as professional firewalls.

Web site - Steve Gibson - Security Issues

Steve Gibson's site which contains much useful information about PC security. The site describes how he suffered a denial of service attack and what he did about it.

Also contains some useful tools.

Highly recommended site.

Web Site - Privacy Issues (PcFlank)

A site dealing with security and privacy issues. It includes links to sites which can test your configuration.

Web Site - Zone Alarm (Free Version)

The home of Zone Alarm. The company provides two versions of the product Zone Alarm Pro is not free but the standard product is. The link give direct access to the free version.

Warning: When I entered this page I received an invitation to download a control signed by Gator. Gator is a spyware company. Accept this download at your peril!

This firewall is simple to set up and configure and is recommended because of its simplicity. Its limitation is that it does not provide the same level of control as other products. It also does not clearly show what rules it is applying and provides no way of refining them.

It will prompt whenever a new program wishes to access the Internet and it is you as to you whether to permit it to access the net for this time only or always. You can always go to the Control Centre and change your choices later or to delete the entry. If it is deleted it will make another request if the program is used again. It does allow different control to be set on the local network compared with the Internet. It also converts the file extension for suspicious attachments to email messages.

The program has the reputation of being more difficult than some to uninstall. I have not tried this however. I have used this program extensively over a long period.

Web Site - Visual Report for Zone Alarm

A program which looks at the Zone Alarm logfile, analyses it, and gives you the option of tracing suspicious reports and reporting them.

I have not had any really worrying reports so I have not explored this feature in anger.

Web Site - Kerio [Was Tiny PFW]

Follow the link to Personal Firewalls.

This personal Firewall appears to be relatively easy to use. You just accept its recommendations.

This firewall gives a far greater degree of control than Zone Alarm. In particular it has specific rules associated with sharing files on a local network. I do not know whether it protects email attachments like Zone Alarm (I suspect not).

Some other useful links

Web Site - Pricelessware home page

This page contains software voted on by participants in the newsgroup alt.comp.freeware

Web Site - Links to Freeware Programs

This is prepared by the author of the alt.comp.freeware newsgroup.

Newsgroup - alt.comp.freeware

News group where any freeware (not shareware/adware/nagware etc) may be requested or links provided see FAQ.

Prepared by John Steele

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