14 December Meeting - Q&A session

Multimap now has aerial photos - see www.multimap.com. They cover as far out as Uxbridge, and even Gerrards Cross!

Here's the Memorial Centre:

So nude sunbathing in the garden is out!
I wont show you my current house but here's where I used to live in Uxbridge (I was slimmer then!!)

Somebody mentioned festive screensavers - see:

and a product called "fandango" which allows you to roll your own.

But beware of nasty email-d Christmas cards- nobody at the meeting knew how to identify them but they are similar to the "Love Bug" virus, ie a damaging e-mail attachment.

Like "Love Bug" it can affect a PC even if you don't open the attachment
(If you are using Outlook and Windows Scripting Host.)

A good case for not using Outlook you might say!
If you must use Outlook, you can disble "Windows Scripting Host".
WSH is a powerful feature that effectively allows attachments to open themselves and run all over your PC without you asking them to (yes really!)

One of the panel mentioned an alternative email program called Eudora.

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jetica.com supply refills for injet cartridges, works out about 30% of cartridge cost.

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Happy Christmas!