History of topics

To give you an idea of the sort of things we cover, here are the topics from recent(!) meetings..

Dec-2016 Question and Answer Session
Oct-2016 AGM + Discussion of the future of the club
Sep-2016 Musings from the past: Landmarks in the development of modern computing
Aug-2016 Fixing Windows 10 login problems / 1939 Register, Ride / Route planning tools
Jul-2016 Sychronising and the Cloud
Jun-2016 Using Photoshop Elements
May-2016 Reviewing Windows 10
Apr-2016 Viewing and sending documents (.docx, .pdf, etc)
Mar-2016 Extending Networks
Feb-2016 Vulnerability: how to keep your computer safe
Jan-2016 Open Office Databases: Part 2
Dec-2015 Question and Answer Session
Nov-2015 Windows 10 - a further look
Oct-2015 Smart TVs - What do they do?
Sep-2015 Databases: MySql and LibreOffice Base
Aug-2015 Managing your passwords with Keepass, and other security measures
Jul-2015 Keeping Your Computer Secure
Jun-2015 Tools for Collaboration and Communication
May-2015 Email Setup: POP and IMAP
Apr-2015 Windows 10: a first look
Mar-2015 Alternatives to Skype
Feb-2015 Libre Office / Toolbar Configuration
Jan-2015 Researching your Family History
Dec-2014 Question and Answer Session
Nov-2014 Picture and File Transfer between Devices
Oct-2014 Family History
Sep-2014 Video Editing
Aug-2014 Tablet Computers
Jul-2014 Server-side websites
Jun-2014 Linux update- Ubuntu and essential apps
May-2014 Raspberry Pi Robot- avoiding bonfires!
Apr-2014 How to stay safe if you're still using XP
Mar-2014 Intelligent Web Searching techniques
Feb-2014 Securing your PC
Jan-2014 Investigating HTML and XML
Dec-2013 Questions and Answers
Nov-2013 Smartphones- iPhone and Android- bring your questions along!
Oct-2013 Virtual Machines
Sep-2013 Gadgets
Aug-2013 Afraid of Facebook?
Jul-2013 Building a Robot with Raspberry Pi
Jun-2013 Windows8
May-2013 Raspberry Pi
Apr-2013 PC Tune-up Tools
Mar-2013 Demystifying Java and Java script
Feb-2013 Partitioning your hard drive
Jan-2013 TCP/IP How the internet works
Dec-2012 Question and answer
Oct-2012 AGM + Sharing Data via Cloud Services: PCs, MACs and Phones
Sep-2012 Discovering Windows 8
Aug-2012 Genealogy Find out how to research your family history
Jul-2012 Question and answer
Jun-2012 Help a Friend: Newbies very welcome, bring a laptop
May-2012 Libre Office Databases
Apr-2012 Managing the Password Nightmare
Mar-2012 Converting Vinyl to Digital
Feb-2012 Genealogy (failed to turn up - impromptu meeting)
Jan-2012 Libre Office styles and templates
Dec-2011 Questions and Answers
Nov-2011 Selecting an ISP
Oct-2011 AGM + Remote Control of your PC
Sep-2011 Genealogy (failed to turn up - impromptu meeting)
Aug-2011 Open Office: the alternative to Microsoft
Jul-2011 Restore / Touch up Pbotos
Jun-2011 Upkeep and Tuning your PC
May-2011 Buying and Selling on eBay
Apr-2011 Investigating Windows 7
Mar-2011 iPhone Apps
Feb-2011 Windows 7 for Media
Jan-2011 Exploring Different Browsers
Dec-2010 Questions and Answers
Nov-2010 Broadband Investigated
Sep-2010 Setting up a new computer
Aug-2010 using i-phones
Mar-2010 Ubuntu
Feb-2010 How Computers Work
Jan-2010 Databases
Dec-2009 Questions and Answers
Nov-2009 Apple Mac: an Introduction for PC Users
Oct-2009 AGM + Networking and File Sharing
Sep-2009 Keeping IT Clean: (Keep your PC unchoked)
Aug-2009 Nifty Gadgets
Jul-2009 Open Office: the alternative to Microsoft
Jun-2009 Backup in all its ramifications
May-2009 Protect your computer (Learn about Anti-virus protection, Firewalls etc.
Apr-2009 From Quill Pens to Computer Printing: (from far back in time to the present)
Dec-2008 Questions and Answers
Nov-2008 Creating a Website, using free software (Kompozer)
Oct-2008 AGM + Remote control of computers
Sep-2008 LAN Backup;
Aug-2008 Improving Windows Performance
Jul-2008 Exploring the Apple Mac
Jun-2008 Vista explained, given by a representative from Microsoft
May-2008 Web 2.0: Using Search Engines
Apr-2008 Mind mapping
Mar-2008 Managing Your Folders, Files and photographs.
Feb-2008 VMWARE Virtual Machines
Dec-2007 Questions and Answers
Nov-2007 Open Office - Presentation
Oct-2007 AGM + Graphics Tablet
Sep-2007 Microsoft Word Processing
Aug-2007 Open Office
Jul-2007 Linux Operating System
Jun-2007 Open Questions
May-2007 Photography for the Web
Apr-2007 Microsoft Visio
Mar-2007 Creating a Website
Feb-2007 Wireless Networking
Jan-2007 How to Back-up Your Data
Dec-2006 Questions and Answers
Nov-2006 AGM + Introduction to telephone on the Internet
Oct-2006 Internet Security
Sep-2006 Pictures to DVD ????
Aug-2006 Scanning 35mm Slides
Jul-2006 Open Question Evening
Jun-2006 Safe Surfing
May-2006 E-Bay
Apr-2006 Nortons Ghost
Mar-2006 Genealogical Update
Feb-2006 User Accounts
Jan-2006 Pictures via the Internet
Dec-2005 Questions and Answers
Nov-2005 How the Internet works
Oct-2005 AGM + Powerpoint
Sep-2005 File and Desktop Management
Aug-2005 Macros with Microsoft Word
Jul-2005 Question Time
Jun-2005 Knoppix (Bootable Linux CD)
May-2005 Philosophy of the Web
Apr-2005 Audio/Visual Presentation
Mar-2005 E-mails
Feb-2005 Adware and Spyware
Jan-2005 Backup Devices
Dec-2004 Questions and Answers
Nov-2004 XML - Communicating on the Web
Oct-2004 AGM + Video Editing
Sep-2004 Web databases
Aug-2004 Creating a simple website with HTML
Jul-2004 Questions and Answers
Jun-2004 Wireless Networking
May-2004 Writing for the Web
Apr-2004 Adobe programs
Mar-2004 Internet Security
Feb-2004 Software Maintenance
Jan-2004 Vinyl Records to CD
Dec-2003 Question Time
Nov-2003 Disaster Recovery
Oct-2003 AGM + Configuring Outlook Express
Sep-2003 Linux - The alternative operating system
Aug-2003 Excel Macros
Jul-2003 Photoshop 7
Jun-2003 Using Microsoft Project
Apr-2003 Introduction to Windows XP
Mar-2003 Powerpoint
Feb-2003 Web Design
Jan-2003 Investigating Freeware
Dec-2002 Question Time
Nov-2002 Specifying a Computer
Oct-2002 AGM - Adobe Acrobat
Sep-2002 Visio 2000
Aug-2002 Pagemaker
Jul-2002 Java
Jun-2002 Photoshop
May-2002 Firewalls
May-2002 Networking re-visited
Apr-2002 Simple Networking in the Home
Mar-2002 Scanners
Feb-2002 Internet Addressing and Protocol
Jan-2002 Windows XP
Dec-2001 Question Time
Nov-2001 Multi Media Workshop
Oct-2001 AGM - Norton Systems Works
Sep-2001 Remote User - PC Anywhere
Aug-2001 Embroidery by PC
Jul-2001 Internet Workshop
Jun-2001 Open Forum
May-2001 Documentation System
Apr-2001 Open Forum
Mar-2001 Computer housekeeping with Norton SystemWorks
Feb-2001 Macros with Microsoft Programs
Jan-2001 Designing a simple web site
Dec-2000 Question Time
Nov-2000 Improve your scanning
Oct-2000 AGM + Access - The friendly database
Sep-2000 Search Engines
Aug-2000 Music and Midi
Jul-2000 Linux - The alternative operating system
Jun-2000 Adobe Acrobat - those .pdf files
May-2000 Paint Shop Pro 6 - editing bitmap graphics
Apr-2000 The Art of Scanning
Mar-2000 Computer housekeeping - maintaining peak efficiency
Feb-2000 Genealogical Databases
Jan-2000 Internet Jargon - what does it mean?
Dec-1999 Question Time
Nov-1999 Microsoft Publisher 98
Oct-1999 AGM + Visio (Technical Drawing)
Sep-1999 Make your own CD
Aug-1999 Microsoft Powerpoint
Jul-1999 Optical Character Recognition
Jun-1999 Delphi ( a Windows Development Tool )
May-1999 Beating Microsoft's paperclip
Apr-1999 Simple Networking
Mar-1999 Computer Architecture
Feb-1999 ACCESS - The friendly database
Jan-1999 Voice Recognition
Dec-1998 Question Time
Nov-1998 Paint Shop Pro 5 - Digital Image Enhancement
Oct-1998 AGM + Business on the Internet
Sep-1998 Building a ComputerComputer Workbench
Aug-1998 Importance of Computer Acronyms
Jul-1998 Into the Internet
Jun-1998 Digital Imaging
May-1998 TV and Teletext on a PC
Apr-1998 Build your own computer
Mar-1998 Modems and related things
Feb-1998 Embroidery by PC
Jan-1998 Data Loggers
Dec-1997 Question Time
Nov-1997 Visual Basic 5
Oct-1997 AGM + Microsoft Office 97
Sep-1997 Designing a Web Page
Aug-1997 Intro to MS Macros
Jul-1997 CD ROM Writers
Jun-1997 Video Editing
May-1997 NT Operating System
Apr-1997 Keep your secrets safe
Mar-1997 Family History
Feb-1997 New Pictures from Old
Jan-1997 Setting up a Website
Dec-1996 Computer Games
Nov-1996 Remote User Support
Oct-1996 AGM + Scanners and OCR
Sep-1996 Technical Questions Panel
Aug-1996 Back-up devices
Oct-1995 PageMaker (version 5)
Aug-1995 Word for Windows (Version 6)
Jul-1995 Modems (and Fax modems)
Jun-1995 Building a Computer
Apr-1995 Excel V5
Mar-1995 Internet by Demon
Feb-1995 Telephony
Jan-1995 Warp (OS/2v3) by IBM
Dec-1994 Electronic Mail
Nov-1994 Pesentation by Nextbase
Oct-1994 Virtual Reality
Sep-1994 Sage Accounts
Aug-1994 Neural Spreadsheets
Jul-1994 Project Management
Jun-1994 PC Networks
May-1994 Iomega Storage
Apr-1994 CASE and Structured Programming
Mar-1994 OS/2 by IBM
Feb-1994 Windows NT
Jan-1994 Mapbase (from Autoroute)
Dec-1993 Inside your PC
Nov-1993 Programming in 'C'
Oct-1993 AGM + Voice Input to Wordperfect
Sep-1993 Fonts
Aug-1993 IMPROV from Lotus
Jul-1993 Paradox
Jun-1993 Q-Basic for beginners
May-1993 MS-DOS 6
Apr-1993 Access (Microsoft dbms)