A note from Mike Burton following October's Access talk.

I mentioned a problem with dates but couldn't remember the details at the time-
well here they are:

Access can allow entry of 2-digit-year dates such as 29/02/04,
and decides the century using the "50 year" rule.
Thus 29/2/04would be interpreted and stored as 29 Feb 2004.

What is not so obvious is that it also guesses (yes really!) which date format you  are using.
For instance if you enter 29/02/03- which everybody knows is invalid,
it kindly assumes you are using the YY/MM/DDformat,
and thus interprets your date as 03/02/29 i.e. 3 Feb 2029

This is probably NOT what was intendeed!

One solution is to enforce 4-digit year entry, by specifying an input mask of:


It has obvious drawbacks, but I'll leave you to decide how elegant it is!
Maybe you can suggest other alternatives?
If so please e-mail me at:  mikeb@MycoSystems.co.uk

If you'd like a copy of the database from last nights talk you can click here: gx.exe (93KB)